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How Good is the Office Air Quality Where You Work?

May 23
We don’t often think about how much time we spend indoors, much less how much time we spend at work in an office space. But it’s important for us to understand how the air we breathe can affect our long-term health. That’s especially true when it comes to office air quality, since most adults spend at least eight hours in these enclosed areas. “There is the tendency for people to believe...

Top Reasons You Need to Be Using HEPA Filters

May 12
You don't have to be a HEPA filtration expert to understand the basic function of a standard air filter, which is to trap as many harmful pollutants as possible. But here's a question you should ask yourself: Are all air filters basically the same? The short answer is "no," because the health benefits of High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filters are greater than that of a regular...

The Possible Link Between Air Pollution And The Stock Market

May 10
By now, the dangers of air pollution are well documented, especially as it relates to children and the elderly, who have weaker immune systems, and people who suffer from respiratory problems. But a new study has found a link between air pollution and the stock market, which may indicate that bad air quality is not just a health issue, it may also be an economic hazard. “Traditionally, w...

Should I Care About Clean Air?

May 09
Most people can identify air pollution through a thick haze in the air, or through the exhaust that blows out of a car, but the concept of clean air and why it’s important may not be something that we think about often enough. But with outdoor pollution worsening in nearly every major world city, clean air and the lack of it, especially in underdeveloped countries may become a health crisis ...

How Harmful Is the Air Quality on Planes?

May 09
Although we tend to focus a lot on the outdoor pollution that is plaguing many major cities throughout the world, indoor air quality is also a big problem, and that includes the air you breathe when you fly on an airplane. Air quality on planes can affect your health in ways that you may not even realize. “The problem with air quality on planes is that you are really talking about incuba...

Air Quality Week – Learn About Cities with the Worst Air Pollution in the U.S.

May 05
When you think about air pollution, you probably think about clouds of smoke or soot, or vehicle exhaust, but do you also consider whether you are living in a city with the worst air pollution in the country? That is an important question when it comes to long-term health, which is why it’s so important to understand what pollution means and why it could affect your well-being. “Well for...

Air Sickness: Common Air Pollution Ailments You Need To Know

April 11
You probably don’t think about the quality of the air you breathe unless the pollution is so bad that it makes you take notice. But throughout the world there are a number of air pollution ailments that are becoming worse as air quality continues to trend downward. “The notion of clean air as a human right isn’t something that people think about very often, but there are so many countrie...

Food Contamination: Are You Eating and Drinking Harmful Particulates?

April 10
Most people understand that air pollution and poor air quality are issues that are important, but it often remains an abstract concept until it affects them directly. But food and beverage contamination grabs people’s attention, because eating and drinking is a vital and necessary part of everyone’s day. Understanding how airborne particulates can compromise the quality of food and drink is ...

How Retail Store Air Quality Can Make You Sick

March 02
The level of outdoor pollution is not only vital to good health for people who spend significant times outside, but it also affects the level of air quality inside commercial establishments. Studies have found that retail store air quality will often be worse when outdoor air pollution is at a high level, and that can affect store employees and patrons. Related: Did You Know Cleaner Indo...

Camfil Announces That the New ISO 16890 Standard Is a Game-Changer

February 28
Stockholm, Sweden - January 31, 2017: Camfil is pleased to announce that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has introduced a new standard that changes existing testing and classification standards for all air commercial air filters used in general ventilation systems. This represents a revolution in the air filtration industry, as for the first time in many years; air f...
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